Beta Reader Book Review

I’m so humbled to have my first book review published by one of my beta readers. Thank you so much, Lauren, for your honest feedback. ❤

In ‘Wage War on your Mind and Fight for your Life’ Niki shares the process that she used to overcome her depression. It’s full of personal stories, hints and tips for self care, ways to lift your spirits and questions to help you get there. Niki is a fantastic and personal author. She is honest about the doubts she faced when writing this book. She is open that she wrestled with writing this book – I am glad that she did! Right at the beginning Niki tells you to put the book down if it’s not the right time for you. I love that she cares about you more than sales of her book!

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Connection, Nurture & Soul

Today was one of those days that I just needed to connect with myself. I asked my husband to get the girls ready and go out for a long Daddy daughter day. By 11 am I had the house to myself! Continue reading “Connection, Nurture & Soul”

Love, Desire & Connection

I found this talk very interesting. The speaker, Esther Perel touches on some very interesting points about desire in a relationship. She mentions that any place that romanticism touches, there’s a crisis of desire. I had to watch this a few times because there are so many things to reflect on, I couldn’t take it all in at once. The question I present to you from this video is Continue reading “Love, Desire & Connection”

Sleep, Dreams & Technology

Years ago, I identified I needed a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to function at my best (when I say a minimum of 8 I really mean I feel awesome with 9 or 10). While getting the amount of sleep my body requires isn’t an issue for me, I thought this video might be helpful for those that do struggle with it. There are so many aspects of sleep discussed in this video from societal norms to the science behind sleep and the importance of dreaming. I encourage you to bookmark this and come back to it when you can watch the video because it has lots of great information and information to reflect on. Continue reading “Sleep, Dreams & Technology”

Educate Our Hearts

I wanted to share this video of an educator that so poignantly shares her experience as a Muslim specifically post 9/11. I believe the more we seek to understand, the more we educate our hearts. Continue reading “Educate Our Hearts”

Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom

Yesterday I took a chance on myself. I was presented with an opportunity that had a 99.99% chance of not working out for me, but I wouldn’t know with 100% certainty if I didn’t try. While the 99.99% proved to be right, something bigger happened. I leaned into courage and went for it in spite of my fear, doubt, and the probability of rejection. The result was nothing short of amazing! I was a little disappointed the opportunity didn’t work out but I was so proud that I went for it! I went in with all that I had and without letting the odds against me get me down (had you seen me you really would have thought I stood a chance!).  Continue reading “Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom”

Dreams That Scare You!

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This year I’ve dedicated myself to dreaming like a child. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t know limitations existed, you didn’t know things weren’t possible, you didn’t get so caught up in the details you got distracted from the dream itself? Continue reading “Dreams That Scare You!”

Ask The Author & Title Reveal!

I had the honor of being interviewed by @VikkiPatis from The Bandwagon about my experience publishing my first book. I’m also excited to share that she reveals the title of my book in the interview. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Vikki and getting to know her blog, I encourage you to stay after reading this post and seeing what she has to offer. I discovered her last year when a mutual friend shared a post from a series she was doing on Inspiring Women. From there I was introduced to even more bloggers! I know you’ll enjoy what she has to offer just as much as I do!  Continue reading “Ask The Author & Title Reveal!”

Intentions, Vibes & Prayers

Every day I write my intentions in dry erase marker on my bedroom mirror. On one side I write personal intentions and the other I write intentions that impact others. On the weekend I only write things for others. Today I was thinking of how I love the energy in a room when people share a common intention. I thought we could create that same energy online. I’d like to open the conversation for you to share your prayer, good vibes, or hopes for the world. Please feel free to share your positive intention(s) for the world in the comments. Continue reading “Intentions, Vibes & Prayers”

Voice, Message, & Intention

I think a very important aspect of being emotionally healthy is being able to speak your voice. Holding in your thoughts and feelings is uncomfortable and unhealthy. As an energy worker, I believe that we are more than our physical body and that our physical health depends upon our emotional, mental, and spiritual health in addition to nurturing and maintaining the physical.  Continue reading “Voice, Message, & Intention”