Timely Post on Xenophobia

It’s interesting that today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge is X which lead me to write about xenophobia… today when I woke up one of the first emails in my inbox was announcing what a shame it was that Donald Trump had swept 5 states in the primary election. I’m not one to touch on political matters,

but this one is just too much not to talk about. I think people look back on history, the atrocities, the unfathomable aftermath and they don’t understand what lead up to it. They don’t know how no one stood up, how people stood by and let it happen, how one person or a small group of people could overpower such a large population of people and do such heinous things. I think we are watching it unfold before us.

Up until now, personally I thought it would die down, that things would cool off. I saw the sensationalism and appeal of this man speaking his mind, not caring about what anyone thought, even though I didn’t agree with his actions or words. He is so radically different than any other candidate in so many ways yet few (none that easily come to my mind) are good. Yet here we are and he is picking up steam. I thought that if he were ignored that he would go away, obviously tuning him out hasn’t worked. Every time I turn around, Trump is in the news.


His supporters are die hard, I’ve even seen a video of Hitler quotes being read to them thinking they were excerpts of Trump speeches and them standing firmly behind him. It’s scary to think that just one person can create and radiate so much hate and separation. How can someone that says the things he says and propose the the things he does get so much attention and support? He’s not trying to make America great again, he’s trying to make America hate again. Not that hatred ever went away but he’s contributing to fueling it instead of extinguishing it. How can so many want someone like that as the face of a country? This goes beyond party lines and political affiliations, this is about who you support as a person, values and morals that you believe in. How can his supporters hear the words that come out of his mouth and support that? Yes, it all makes sense as to how the things of the not so distant past came to be. I can only hope that future generations won’t look back and think what fools we were to let the same thing happen twice so close together.

It’s a small sample of a bigger picture, how can people support this?


23 thoughts on “Timely Post on Xenophobia

  1. Trump is so radically different from the other candidates because he’s not a career politician. I think some of the momentum he’s gained is because his supporters are just sick and tired of the system the way it is. In his speeches, he’s promising to change things. His supporters want a radical change. They see him as the man who can deliver that.
    My prediction: I think he’ll only go so far and when it comes right down to it, he’ll make some costly mistakes (open mouth, insert foot kind of mistakes) and then it will become obvious to people…
    Just my two cents on why I think he’s so wildly popular now.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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    1. I hope that’s the case however I can’t imagine what insert foot in mouth comments it would take, he’s had his fair share… hopefully lack of experience and expertise will help push himself out of the door…


  2. Very well written! I also, expected him to fade out as the election got closer but now it scares me at the thought that he could win. But what scares me even more is, like you said, people are supporting his views! I have to wonder, does this say more about us as a society than him? One man has these opinions but a large part of the nation agrees with him. Lets hope for the sake of future generations that people realise how immoral xenophobia is.

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  3. I had this same discussion with a friend last night. She’d posted a remark about how scary it is that people are supporting Trump, only to have a friend of hers say he was one of those supporters. My friend came to me asking for help in explaining why Trump is bad news. To be honest, after reading this supporters remarks – there’s no reasoning with someone like that. He is clearly blinded by his own bigotry and allows his political allegiances win over plain common sense. It’s exactly that kind of attitude that has allowed other people into positions of power, when clearly their prejudices were detrimental to their own nation and beyond. As a non-American, I can only watch on as the train wreck unfolds.

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    1. It does make me wonder what his supporters identify with. I can understand the change of having someone speak their mind, I respect his opinion although I don’t share it. That said, I wouldn’t blindly support him or anyone with that mentality. I don’t get how people are in favor of what he stands for…

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  4. It’s shocking to think this is how it’s going, even in England we feel the hatred this man is gnerating. But, this says a few things:
    1) People are sick of the corrupt politics of today – the old school of politicians have their part to blame for this.
    2) Right doesn’t always win over, neither does common sense, even in a democracy.
    3) There’s a worrying amount of hate in the world.

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    1. 1.- true, but that doesn’t make him any less corrupt
      2.- unfortunately true, although we can’t stop fighting because then not even hope stands a chance
      3.- all the more reason for me to spread the word on the kindness challenge and to live life as kindly as possible because love and kindness is the polar opposite of hate

      Thanks for commenting Simon.

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  5. I’m pleased you included Mr. Nelson Mandela’s quote Niki thank you. Yesterday was Freedom Day here in South Africa, 22 years since he was democratically elected. We watch from afar Trump’s pronouncements and just wonder if it’s possible that he could rise to power. Well, Hitler did as one other example. It seems the nicest people are Trump supporters – I can’t help but wonder why. Are they fear driven and Trump speaks to those fears?

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    1. What a man Mr. Mandela was. Yes Hitler is an example that was heavily on my mind yet I couldn’t bring myself to say it outright. Those were the events I was alluding to in my post. I personally don’t know anyone that openly supports Trump, I imagine that they are regular everyday people. I’m just so curious as to what they see in him, what they admire, how they overlook the words that come out of his mouth…


  6. Ugh! I can’t believe how many times I have to hear Trump’s name every day. The scary thing is how many supporters he has – that my countrymen agree with fear and hatred over compassion and kindness. It makes me sad.

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  7. I’m not xenophobic, but I can understand the interest behind Trump. I too am not political, but I can understand the draw. It is not because he hates these outsiders, but because these outsiders often hate America.
    To let millions of illegal immigrants in from another country flies in the face of those who have come and those who do come in by legal means. These illegals are practically all of one religion as well, one that has been trying to overthrow the freedom the States have had since its inception. Many are on to this game and though they are not against these people’s nationality or plight, they are against the overthrow of the democratic system.
    Though not said, because it cannot be said in a political forum, because it would be twisted out of context in a million ways, I think this is what drives the support. People just want to keep their freedom as they know it and the influx in several areas has now swelled to the point where that may not be possible.

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    1. This viewpoint is hard for me to get on board with considering how the US as we know it came to be. That land was invaded in much worse ways than the illegal entry we see now… At what point in time are we looking at the illegal vs legal entry? I don’t think he is focusing on just one group, he’s focusing on Mexicans and Muslims… he’s opening the floodgates to set the country back and repeat history in the most detrimental of ways. I don’t see Trump as one to keep his opinions to himself on any aspect, I think he’s voicing exactly what he thinks and feels and it seems like it does come down to hate and racism, there’s no other way to explain it really. He is targeting and singling out people based on skin color, religion and ethnicity… The other thing is “illegals” often brings a brown skin color to mind but how many Asian people enter the country illegally? I lived in Arizona for years and have seen the racism, segregation and bigotry first hand, always directed at those of medium and darker skin color. What about those of lighter tones that are also there unlawfully but fly under the radar because of their fair skin and light eyes? It’s racial profiling and something that he endorses… it’s a violation of human rights. I don’t see the appeal behind someone like that.

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      1. I’m not saying I can agree with all of Trumps views. I am saying that I can see the draw to his views. They may be supported by other issues than simply what he saying.
        While the natives were not handing out green cards to the pilgrims, since there is such a system in place now and for good reason, it seems like it would be a good idea to hold all immigrants to the same standard.


      2. I hear you, I can see the appeal of an outspoken candidate. The hard part for me to understand is supporting someone that openly voices he is ok with oppressing people and having them marked by their religion… People need a refresher history course stat.

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      3. Do you know what? Only half of your reply came in the first time I read it. I responded to the first half. I don’t support unequal treatment of different ethnicities.


      4. I don’t know anything about Trump’s policies or viewpoints because the little I’ve seen has focused on his outrageous hate fueled words. I can only hope he has some amazing qualities to make up for the ones he’s currently known for…

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