Blogging Tips- Quick Tip: Schedule A Post


You’re inspired, you’ve got this content that you want to post but you’re not quite ready to publish just yet. You’ve  got two options. The first is to save it as a draft by letting the editor auto save or clicking the “Save” button and then edit later from your draft posts. The other option is instead of clicking the “Publish” button, click the calendar. That gives you the option to publish the post whenever you want!

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I follow these steps in this order because it avoids scheduling errors. I used to have issues with a post publishing even though I scheduled it. WordPress implemented an update that has worked seamlessly since adding the time at the bottom. I haven’t had any issues when I click the AM or PM which ensures the change to the date and time are saved.

You can also reschedule a post that’s already been published using this method. Just remember that you if you change the date, the original URL address for the post will change. So if you shared it, linked to that post in any other post, or anyone else shared it those links will no longer function. To reschedule a post, I suggest doing so between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm the day the post was originally scheduled. Go here to read more about it under “Publish Day/Time”.

By scheduling posts out, you have the flexibility to write as you can and ensure you have content regularly published to your site meeting your schedule! Happy posting!


Did you find this helpful? Do you regularly schedule posts? Was this easy to understand if you’ve never scheduled a post before? Feel free to share in the comments!

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