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You might be wondering what the “Read More” tag is and why would you want to use it. I’m glad you clicked to find out! The “Read More” tag is an icon you can click on the toggle bar when writing a post and it will insert a dotted line where the rest of your post will be hidden from that point onward. There are a few of reasons you might consider using it.

  • Aesthetic purposes- It makes your blog look a lot cleaner and less cluttered. By only displaying the introduction of your post, you’re freeing up space and the display is less cluttered. It also improves the reader’s experience as they can easily scroll through your posts, selecting to read the ones that get their attention most and are of greatest interest to them. Personally, I don’t enjoy having to scroll through several posts of over a thousand words to find ones I want to read. I personally consider this one of my best practices in blogging as it’s beneficial to both me as a blogger and my readers’ experience.

It seems like there might have been an update to the way WordPress displays blogs. I’m personally no longer finding the next two points to be the case which were my top two reasons for using this tag aside from how clean it makes my blog look. I’ll do some digging and if it turns out these are no longer benefits of using this feature, I’ll remove them from this post completely.

  • From the Reader to your blog- When you insert this tag, readers have to click to see the full post. They’ll be able to see the content before the “Read More” tag but everything else will only be seen if they click to go to your blog. Side-note: For me personally this only applies from a web browser not from the WordPress app on my phone. The hope is, once they get on your blog and off of the reader, they’ll be more inclined to browse other posts.
  • More accurate stats- If you don’t have the “Read More” tag inserted in your posts, a reader can endlessly read post after post once on your blog. It will show up as one visitor with one view even if they read five posts. This isn’t a bad thing but if you want to see which post got the most attention you won’t have a clear picture if they can scroll from post to post without clicking. I know what you’re thinking, the downside is they have to click from post to post, what if they don’t click? They can also get off of the blog at any time without scrolling through. As a reader, I’m more likely to scroll and click on what I want to read than scroll through three or four posts that aren’t of interest in hopes of finding one I am. You could always try it for a week and see what it does to your stats. Do you have the same number of visitors but more views? That’s a good thing!

So now that you know what this does and why you might want to use it, here’s how to use it-

  • Create a new post or edit an existing post
  • Decide where you want readers to see up to
  • Click on the screen wherever you want the “Read More” line to be inserted
  • Click the “Read More” icon in the toggle bar
Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 11.37.03 AM
“Read More” icon. My togglebar is the advanced view (click on the line of three dots to switch view).
  • A dotted line with “More” should appear (be patient sometimes it can take a moment)
Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 11.37.03 AM
This is how the “Read More” tag will appear in the edit version.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! Just remember this needs to be done for every post. So if you like the way it looks and works, make sure to follow these steps whenever you write a post. It doesn’t take long and once you get used to it, it’ll just be part of your posting routine.

Here are two examples so you can see the difference when the “Read More” tag is and isn’t used.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 11.47.20 AM.jpg
This is how posts with the “Read More” tag appear. Notice you can see two separate posts. The post in the yellow box has the first few sentences visible with “Continue reading” displayed where the “More” shows up in the edit version of the post. The same is true for the post in the second box but my screen wasn’t big enough to display the rest of the view.
Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 11.44.35 AM.jpg
This is how a post without the “Read More” tag would look. You could read it without clicking on the actual post and it would have the next post below it.

Did you find this helpful? Do you use the Read More tag? Do you prefer to read blogs that use this feature? Feel free to share in the comments.


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19 thoughts on “Blogging Tips|”Read More” Tag

  1. I just hate that when the reader clicks the “read more” link, they are dumped into the post at the spot where the read more tag was inserted. I wish it would open the post to the top of that page instead. I’ve checked and unfortunately, there’s no way around this.

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    1. I guess it’s because the post is visible up until that point. Maybe insert the tag within the first few sentences so they’ll be a close to the top of the page a possible? Sorry there’s no work around that I know of for that.

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