Grow Your Readership!

I’m really excited to announce I’m creating space on my blog to promote a handful of bloggers each month. I’ll have both complimentary and paid options so that you’re able to take advantage of this opportunity in the way you’re able to. 

For those of you interested in the paid promotion, please download the PDF provided below. If you want additional details, please request them using the contact form found on the Promotion Page and I’ll get the information to you as soon as possible. I have three options available to make sure it’s affordable in addition to beneficial to you!

Soulful Sunday (5) Click to see promotion packages!

Those that might not be able or looking to invest in your blog at the moment, once a week, I’ll open the platform to share a post from 3 bloggers. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to find new blogs but I miss being able to meet new-to-me bloggers in the blogiverse. So instead of missing out, I thought I’d showcase bloggers here so we can all benefit!

To be included in the next blog meet, all you have to do is-

  • leave a link to your blog or a blog post
  • share a little about your blog/post
  • include a link to another blogger’s post

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know I’m all about paying it forward and giving back. Please note that in order to be eligible to be featured, you must include a link to another blogger’s post or their blog in general. Feel free to leave a comment with your link and description and reply to your own comment with a link to another blogger. I know it can be challenging to post multiple links if you aren’t on a laptop or PC. Just make sure you’re quick so you don’t miss out on the first blog spotlight! The blogger you link to will also be featured in the spotlight and I think it’s a wonderful way to pay it forward in the blogiverse! How great would it feel for someone to unexpectedly promote your blog?

ABB-Logo.pngSpeaking of connecting bloggers, I’ve just heard the nominations have opened up for the 2017 Blogger’s Bash Awards! Last year I was honored to have been nominated as a newbie blogger. This year I look forward to recognizing more of the nominees! Click the badge to submit your nominations!

Photo credit: official Blogger’s Bash 2017



Alright, now that you know the details, leave the links and description in the comments! The first 3 bloggers to comment will be featured in the first blog meet! If you miss out on this week, no worries! Leave a comment and I’ll add you to the next available week!



27 thoughts on “Grow Your Readership!

    1. Happy to meet you! Welcome to the blogiverse and glad you’ve found your way here. We have a wonderful community here. You’ll find plenty of bloggers to connect with if you cine back to visit. I look forward to sending bloggers your way 💖

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  1. What a great idea, Niki! So very generous of you as well. But that doesn’t surprise me at all with your caring nature.
    So I’ll leave a link here to my blog, it’s mostly little travel snippets – personal memories of some of the places I’ve visited.
    But I’d like to leave a link to my friend Geraint’s blog. He’s the reason I even decided to try my hand at blogging. He writes about a whole host of things, but they’re always humorous and entertaining to read.

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    1. Aww thanks Kim 💖

      Honored to have you for the first spotlight. Great way to help people find you now that we have you back here! 💖 I hope Geraint is pleasantly surprised 😊

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      1. 💖

        Still expected to launch at the end of the month, just waiting to get the copy back from my proofreader to convert the final copy into an ebook friendly version 🙈

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  2. Hi. This is very generous of you!!! I’m inspired. I hope I can do the same (once I have enough visitors) and pay it forward too. Our website is still a baby. We just started this year. We share our experience traveling alone, traveling as a couple, traveling with kids, and as an expat. Here’s our site:
    I met another expat. She is a Canadian living in Hong Kong to complete her Masters degree. Before that, she has lived in Singapore for exchange, and Paris and Quebec for teaching English. Here’s her link:

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    1. It’s my pleasure. No worries, by sharing another blogger’s post you’re contibuting to paying it forward too! I try to find ways to give back in every aspect of my life.

      What an exciting adventure! I’m working to be able to full-time RV around the world with my family. It’s something we hope to make a reality within the next 5 years. I look forward to reading! ❤

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  3. Hello Niki! What a wonderful & inspiring idea! You are a blessing to us all & I hope to one day to have the following you do and be able to pay-it-forward & be as generous as you are!

    My blog is I am new to blogging (I only started last month!) I am working on creating a fun, informative, uplifting & spiritual place for Mama’s (& Daddy’s) to unite! It’s a place for us to relax & renew our health, well-being & Spirit.

    The blog that I love (besides yours) isn’t a new blog but one that is well established and has quite a following already. it is a great resource for anyone interested in farming & homesteading.

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    1. Aw thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. It’s early in the game, so just keep putting great things out on a regular basis and be sure to engage with bloggers that stop by for a visit and you’ll see your community grow ❤

      Your blog sounds beautiful and uplifting, what a great addition to the blogiverse!

      Thanks for sharing both links, have a great rest of your day! ❤

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  4. Hi Niki – What a beautiful place you’ve created here. I a relatively new blogger ( I started full-time last year) and am a huge advocate of supporting other bloggers. My website is
    It’s my little corner of the world where I try to encourage kindness one word at a time.
    While there are many bloggers, I love and find inspiration from, here is a lady I recently stumbled upon. She offers encouragement, hope, and beauty in moving through life after she became a widow.
    Thanks for the opportunity of sharing my blog. Blessings!

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