The Energy in Your Life


I’ve found that there’s nothing more empowering than learning to take responsibility and accountability for your life. It wasn’t the most exciting or comfortable part of my journey but it was certainly necessary in order to grow. It was actually one of the first steps I had to take in order to be able to not only eventually overcome depression but change my mindset. I didn’t realize that by trying to distance myself from blame and responsibility I was also losing the power I had over my own life. By learning to take responsibility going forward, I was able to put myself in a position of power in my life.

I wanted to share a video with you that takes this a step further. Not only do we need to be responsible for ourselves we are also responsible for who we surround ourselves with! It reminds me of when I was growing up and was taught to be careful who my friends were. I always thought it was a caution of “guilty by association”. It’s only now that I realize that it was deeper than that. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who are on the same wavelength as you. The ones who have similar values and core beliefs. The ones who are not only quick to ground you but swift to empower you. The ones who might not agree with you but believe in you. The ones who want to see you succeed. The ones who want what’s best for you even if it doesn’t match their hope or expectation of you. The ones who would rather watch you soar than make you sink. Oprah talks about clearing people out of her life whose energy wasn’t supportive of the energy she brings into the world. It sounds harsh but there’s no point in playing with

Oprah talks about clearing people out of her life whose energy wasn’t supportive of the energy she brings into the world. It sounds harsh but there’s no point in playing with energy that isn’t compatible with yours. It’s like trying to plug an American appliance into a European outlet. The appliance is going to get fried because the current isn’t the same. Your inner circle should be made up of those whose current is compatible with yours. Today I wanted to pass on this reminder to be mindful not only of the energy you bring into the world but the energy you surround yourself with. Thank you for the positive energy you bring to my blog and into the world around you. Keep shining like the bright light you are!


I open up in further detail about the importance and process of accepting responsibility for all areas of my life in my book. If this is something you’re wanting to work on and are looking to do for yourself, you might want to check out a sample of my book and see if it feels like a good fit. Here you can find details and read a sample on Smashwords or Amazon before purchasing.

What are your thoughts on today’s topic? Do you need to do a clearing of the energy in your inner circle? Is this something you needed to hear today? Is this an uncomfortable truth you needed to approach? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 


11 thoughts on “The Energy in Your Life

  1. Excellent blog. This applied to career too. I recently made a change after 12 years of realizing it was the negative energy & environment, not the job per se, that was getting to me.

    Thank you!

    JoAnn, Rockville, MD

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  2. Here here! I totally agree. It’s taken me a long to realise I should only surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself, not people who make feel drained of energy. Great post x


  3. Love this post so much. I have a lot to learn about accepting responsibility and getting rid of negative energy. But I’ve taken the first step at changing my mindset 😊


  4. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing, realy needed this 🙂 Glad to read what you write. I am thinking alot about this but think its sometimes hard to tell peoples agendas, like wolf looks like sheep, you know? 🙂 I like to keep my circle thight with good energy people. And just not use any time or energy on the others. Dont you agree? 🌞🌸😘 Light to you 🌞😘


  5. This is great Niki. I’ve learned it’s best to keep myself surrounded by positive energy, as much as I can. Negativity saps me and brings me down. I love your description of the outlets not connecting. Hope you’re doing well! 🌸


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