A New Way to Think About Yoga

This is a guest post written by Beth over at The Mama Bear Yogini. Thank you, Beth, for collaborating and sharing your first guest post with my community.


When you think of yoga what comes to mind? Probably really flexible people doing all sorts of handstands and other balancing poses. I know that’s what I thought when I first started thinking about yoga. “Well, I’ll get there. That’s what it’s all about right?” That’s what I told myself. “It’s all about learning to do awesome poses that I can upload to Instagram and show off to the world.” Continue reading “A New Way to Think About Yoga”

Healthy In Every Season


As the seasons change, it’s easy to lose sight of our healthy goals.  We choose the couch over the treadmill. Maybe there are a few more pizza deliveries when it becomes much harder to get fresh, local, fruit and vegetables. While that approach is certainly easier, it won’t lead to great health outcomes over time. It’s time to start thinking about healthy habits that last throughout the seasons.   Continue reading “Healthy In Every Season”

Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial

Ayushi reached out to me after finding me on a meet and greet. We had a quick conversation and she expressed her interest in guest posting. She fell in love with a couple of my topics, Thought-provoking Thursday being one of them. She wrote an original piece to share with our community. Please give her a warm welcome by stopping by her blog to check out what she has to offer there regularly. Feel free to leave some kind words at the end of her debut guest post here. Continue reading “Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial”

Make the World Kind Again

As you know, I don’t believe in coincidences, therefore it came as no surprise when a random like on Instagram turned into something so much more. I met Oriana back in December when she liked a photo on my newly created Instagram account. The name of her account caught my attention and I paid her a visit. I fell in love with her work, message, and mission from the moment her feed displayed on my phone.

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Sweetheart Saturday|Healthy Boundaries

A lot of times, people don’t have healthy boundaries set because they know what they don’t want but they aren’t clear on what they do want.

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Shifting Your Focus

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today and decided to include my first guest post as it’s in line with Tuesday’s topic of teachable moments in my life. Daniel was kind enough to reach out to me earlier this year just a couple of months into my blogging journey to ask me to guest post for his blog. He opened the topic to anything of my choosing and this is where my writing took me.

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Sweetheart Saturday GUEST POST|A Breath of Fresh Air

A fellow blogger from our blogging village reached out and wanted to guest post about long distance relationships. If you haven’t met Olha, please stop by and pay her a visit!

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Sweetheart Saturday|A Tribute To Five Years

This is a guest post written by Stephanie at Making Time for Me. Thank you Steph for choosing to share this beautiful story with your neighbors in this blog village.

When you get your heart broken by someone who has been your friend for 25 years, you might think twice before looking for love again. Or…you can choose to see it as an opportunity to find what was missing the first time.  You can take it as the big sign that it is and believe that whatever is meant to be will be.

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