Community Question | Posting Schedule

I know there’s no shortage of expert advice out there for bloggers. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to come up with a posting schedule. You want it to be something that works for you and something that you can deliver consistently. If you have one day to write, I suggest scheduling the posts for the week if it makes it easier than writing every day. Not only do you want to have fresh content on your blog regularly, but you want it to be quality content. Continue reading “Community Question | Posting Schedule”

Kara, Kim & The Wellingtons! | Lifestyle & Travel Blogs

If you love to find new blogs to follow and bloggers to connect with, you’re in for a treat! Once a week, I’ll be highlighting 3 bloggers along with a blog each of them recommends so it’s a two for one blog discovery!  Continue reading “Kara, Kim & The Wellingtons! | Lifestyle & Travel Blogs”

You Create What You Believe

I was watching a webinar by Sue Bryce as I tended to my house today and there were so many great pieces of wisdom shared! Sue Bryce is an amazing photographer but what I love about her most is that a lot of what she talks about can be applied to any industry and life in general. One thing that particularly stood out to me was something she said specifically in relation to money. A lot of times photographers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs in general struggle with how much to charge. In addition to the cost of doing business, you have to place a monetary value to your time. Part of that has to do with your self-worth. It can be really easy to make excuses or convince yourself why you aren’t earning more, doing better, or booking more clients. Sue said something so simple yet so profound. Continue reading “You Create What You Believe”

Photo Shoot

Sharing my first photo shoot with you guys! A friend of mine loves the photos I’ve been practicing my skills with on my girls and asked if I could take some of her. I can’t wait to show her! Continue reading “Photo Shoot”

Kindness Challenge Warm-Up | Week 1

If you don’t know by now, the sign-up is open for the 2017 Kindness Challenge taking place in May. Some of you are just as eager as I am to get started. While the date won’t be changing I thought it would be fun to warm-up for the challenge by focusing on kindness together in the months leading up to the challenge. Continue reading “Kindness Challenge Warm-Up | Week 1”

What’s The Intention of Your Blog?

Today I’d like to know what the intention of your blog is. What purpose does it serve? There’s no right or wrong answer nor judgment, I’m just curious.  Continue reading “What’s The Intention of Your Blog?”

Natural Beauty |Niki Meadows Candids

I know I created a separate blog so I wouldn’t drive you crazy with my new found old love but these were too beautiful not to share! The colors are just mesmerizing. Nature is simply beautiful ❤

I love the everything about these photos. They’re simple and beautiful. I was on the lookout for beauty as I took a morning stroll. Oh, what I would have missed had I not been seeking it…

Continue reading on my photography blog Natural Beauty|Niki Meadows Candids


The day I’ve been waiting for finally arrived and I’m ready to share it with you! As you know, I recently completed a 10-week introduction to photography course at my local community center. I am so pleased with the quality of information provided! I just signed up for the advanced course which begins in January and runs through the end of March. I look forward to growing my skills and will continue practicing regularly. Continue reading “Expo”

Nothing Short of a Miracle|Niki Meadows Candids

This is an interesting story of something that happened recently. I decided to post about it on my photography blog because I was able to secretly capture this great shot. I didn’t want you to miss out on the story though so I’m sharing here also. Loving this animal candid photo ❤ Continue reading “Nothing Short of a Miracle|Niki Meadows Candids”

Happy Holidays!

I couldn’t wait any longer! I’ve had these ready since the beginning of the month. I was waiting until the physical copies arrived because some of the recipients follow me but I can’t wait any longer! Continue reading “Happy Holidays!”