Results Outweigh Discomfort

For the past year, I’ve been intentionally pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I’ve been taking steps to turn my dreams into reality, building my business in a way that’s not conventional yet fits into my life and vision perfectly, and taking opportunities that make me nervous. Many times throughout the year, I’ve faced situations that made me feel uncomfortable; not only because I was taking chances. I was also in situations that challenged me to use my voice in a way I wasn’t used to.  Continue reading “Results Outweigh Discomfort”

Replace Your Fear With Courage

Today’s post comes from Lauren, a lawyer from Sydney who is currently taking a break from law. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your story with us ❤

I was sitting at my desk in my little cupboard office on the morning I published my article Why your worst fears are nothing to be afraid of. How did I have the audacity to I speak about conquering fear when it was the catalyst to my emptiness? Fear was eating me from the inside out. I had no right to even suggest that someone should leave the job that paralyzes them when that’s exactly what I couldn’t do.

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Next Step, Opportunities, Perfectionism

I’m doing another combination post for the A-Z Challenge. I got a few posts up yesterday and scheduled out some more for this week but wasn’t able to get yesterday’s letter up. While I’m at it, I’m adding tomorrow’s letter in this post too. It works out well because these letters go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

As I began to embrace myself for the perfectly imperfect person I was, I stopped focusing on the “what if’s” in life. I found the best way to snuff out anxiety was by letting go of expectations. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have dreams, goals, or aspirations just that I wasn’t fixed on how they came about and didn’t fret over things that may or may not happen. Continue reading “Next Step, Opportunities, Perfectionism”

Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom

Yesterday I took a chance on myself. I was presented with an opportunity that had a 99.99% chance of not working out for me, but I wouldn’t know with 100% certainty if I didn’t try. While the 99.99% proved to be right, something bigger happened. I leaned into courage and went for it in spite of my fear, doubt, and the probability of rejection. The result was nothing short of amazing! I was a little disappointed the opportunity didn’t work out but I was so proud that I went for it! I went in with all that I had and without letting the odds against me get me down (had you seen me you really would have thought I stood a chance!).  Continue reading “Chances, Courage & Children’s Wisdom”

Thought-Provoking Thursday|Perception Determines Reality

Reality is a matter of perception. They say there are two sides to every story; that’s because although the facts remain the same the way they are experienced is a matter of perspective. Two people can be in the same situation and experience it differently. Two people can be presented with the same situation and respond to it differently. Just when I was about to give up on including a video for this post, I came across exactly what I was looking for!

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Light, Authenticity, & Shining

I had a few ideas I was playing with for today’s post but I went in a completely different direction. I was listening to some talks on YouTube as I tended to my home this morning when this India Arie song came on. I don’t know where I’ve been but it’s the first time I heard it and I have to say it resonated with me profoundly! Continue reading “Light, Authenticity, & Shining”


My cousin shared this video on his Facebook page today honoring Mr. Jason Wilson and the work he’s doing with local youth. I found it very inspiring and thought it would be the perfect thing to share for tonight’s post. We all process emotions differently but I love to get a glimpse into the way that men process them because it’s very different than the way women generally do. Continue reading “He-Motions”

Welcome Participants!

We are about 3 months away from the start of the 7-week Kindness Challenge and we have about half as many participants signed up as we had last year! I’m so excited to embark on this journey with each and every one of you! I wanted to give a warm welcome to the most recent participants to sign up. Thank you for your commitment to raise the tide! Continue reading “Welcome Participants!”

Yoga For the Heart

One thing I love about yoga is the way it connects mind, body, and soul. It’s such a powerful practice! This video by Yoga with Adriene was created to focus on the heart space. Continue reading “Yoga For the Heart”

Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial

Ayushi reached out to me after finding me on a meet and greet. We had a quick conversation and she expressed her interest in guest posting. She fell in love with a couple of my topics, Thought-provoking Thursday being one of them. She wrote an original piece to share with our community. Please give her a warm welcome by stopping by her blog to check out what she has to offer there regularly. Feel free to leave some kind words at the end of her debut guest post here. Continue reading “Guest Post | Of Blame Games & Denial”