Community Question | Posting Schedule

I know there’s no shortage of expert advice out there for bloggers. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to come up with a posting schedule. You want it to be something that works for you and something that you can deliver consistently. If you have one day to write, I suggest scheduling the posts for the week if it makes it easier than writing every day. Not only do you want to have fresh content on your blog regularly, but you want it to be quality content. Continue reading “Community Question | Posting Schedule”

Kara, Kim & The Wellingtons! | Lifestyle & Travel Blogs

If you love to find new blogs to follow and bloggers to connect with, you’re in for a treat! Once a week, I’ll be highlighting 3 bloggers along with a blog each of them recommends so it’s a two for one blog discovery!  Continue reading “Kara, Kim & The Wellingtons! | Lifestyle & Travel Blogs”

Grow Your Readership!

I’m really excited to announce I’m creating space on my blog to promote a handful of bloggers each month. I’ll have both complimentary and paid options so that you’re able to take advantage of this opportunity in the way you’re able to.  Continue reading “Grow Your Readership!”

Compassion Trumps Hate

Although I don’t watch the news, there are stories you can’t help but hear about. I’m deeply disturbed by the actions this new administration has taken. Just weeks into his first term, the president has brought the divisive energy from his campaign into office. I’m not surprised but it is disappointing. I can’t understand how people can be banned from entering the country simply based on the country they’re from. Stories are already emerging of the people turned away and detained and the thing is, even legal residents are being denied entry. People with families, jobs, and lives in the States.  Continue reading “Compassion Trumps Hate”

Photo Shoot

Sharing my first photo shoot with you guys! A friend of mine loves the photos I’ve been practicing my skills with on my girls and asked if I could take some of her. I can’t wait to show her! Continue reading “Photo Shoot”

What’s The Intention of Your Blog?

Today I’d like to know what the intention of your blog is. What purpose does it serve? There’s no right or wrong answer nor judgment, I’m just curious.  Continue reading “What’s The Intention of Your Blog?”

Natural Beauty |Niki Meadows Candids

I know I created a separate blog so I wouldn’t drive you crazy with my new found old love but these were too beautiful not to share! The colors are just mesmerizing. Nature is simply beautiful ❤

I love the everything about these photos. They’re simple and beautiful. I was on the lookout for beauty as I took a morning stroll. Oh, what I would have missed had I not been seeking it…

Continue reading on my photography blog Natural Beauty|Niki Meadows Candids

Photography Inspired Stories

So that I don’t drive you crazy with my newly rekindled love of photography, I created a separate place to share my photography posts. Continue reading “Photography Inspired Stories”

Travel Thursday|Breaking In My Camera!

We went on a little family adventure this weekend and the weather was perfectly accommodating of my impromptu photo shoot! My husband recently gave me a very thoughtful gift- a Nikon D3000 along with an enrollment to an 11-week introductory photography class! My class doesn’t start until next month but I couldn’t wait another moment to start practicing! I’ll forewarn you this is a photo heavy post but I promise the landscapes and models alike are worth it ❤

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Whatever Wednesday|New Camera!

I’m so excited! My husband got me the most thoughtful gift ever! A Nikon camera with a tripod, comfortable travel case, and photography lessons! I’ve been in love with photography for ages and have always wanted a professional camera but if left to my own timing, it would likely have been many more years before I got one. I can always find more practical things to spend the money on but I’m not going to lie, this is one of the best presents ever!

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