A New Way to Think About Yoga

This is a guest post written by Beth over at The Mama Bear Yogini. Thank you, Beth, for collaborating and sharing your first guest post with my community.


When you think of yoga what comes to mind? Probably really flexible people doing all sorts of handstands and other balancing poses. I know that’s what I thought when I first started thinking about yoga. “Well, I’ll get there. That’s what it’s all about right?” That’s what I told myself. “It’s all about learning to do awesome poses that I can upload to Instagram and show off to the world.” Continue reading “A New Way to Think About Yoga”

Healthy In Every Season


As the seasons change, it’s easy to lose sight of our healthy goals.  We choose the couch over the treadmill. Maybe there are a few more pizza deliveries when it becomes much harder to get fresh, local, fruit and vegetables. While that approach is certainly easier, it won’t lead to great health outcomes over time. It’s time to start thinking about healthy habits that last throughout the seasons.   Continue reading “Healthy In Every Season”

Challenge & Accountability

Recently a friend of mine extended an invitation on social media to join a fitness challenge. I thought that was a really good idea! I joined and then thought of you! I thought it would be fun to start a fitness challenge for the rest of April. Continue reading “Challenge & Accountability”

Sleep, Dreams & Technology

Years ago, I identified I needed a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to function at my best (when I say a minimum of 8 I really mean I feel awesome with 9 or 10). While getting the amount of sleep my body requires isn’t an issue for me, I thought this video might be helpful for those that do struggle with it. There are so many aspects of sleep discussed in this video from societal norms to the science behind sleep and the importance of dreaming. I encourage you to bookmark this and come back to it when you can watch the video because it has lots of great information and information to reflect on. Continue reading “Sleep, Dreams & Technology”

Voice, Message, & Intention

I think a very important aspect of being emotionally healthy is being able to speak your voice. Holding in your thoughts and feelings is uncomfortable and unhealthy. As an energy worker, I believe that we are more than our physical body and that our physical health depends upon our emotional, mental, and spiritual health in addition to nurturing and maintaining the physical.  Continue reading “Voice, Message, & Intention”

Naked In Front of the Mirror

That’s a vulnerable place to be and that’s considering my house looks like a beach with the amount of clothing we wear (or lack thereof). My kids strip down the moment they walk in the door and they get it from me. Yet while I’m comfortable roaming my house in my undergarments, I don’t see myself often. I’ve recently incorporated sitting naked in front of the mirror as part of my morning routine.  Continue reading “Naked In Front of the Mirror”

Yoga For the Heart

One thing I love about yoga is the way it connects mind, body, and soul. It’s such a powerful practice! This video by Yoga with Adriene was created to focus on the heart space. Continue reading “Yoga For the Heart”

Love & Accept

This is a time of year that many people put more focus into their physical appearance than they might normally. With New Year’s having just passed, resolutions are heavily on their minds. I’ve tried resolutions tied to my weight in the past but this year I’m doing something different. Instead of pledging to lose a certain amount of weight or trying to fit into a certain size by the summer, I’m going to continue to love and embrace myself.  Continue reading “Love & Accept”


In a world of instant results and era of instant gratification, I think it’s important to remember-

Consistency is key! Whether it’s physical fitness, emotional stability, or peace of mind you have to take a step each day to render the results you want. 

Continue reading “Consistency”

Workplace Mindfulness & Mudras

Here’s a couple of posts that caught my eye when I searched the “wellness” tag. I thought you might enjoy these quick reads. Please be sure to leave some love on the original blogger’s page as I’m just sharing some great things I’ve found in the blogosphere.  Continue reading “Workplace Mindfulness & Mudras”