Waldorf Education

This mama’s soul was set on fire a few days ago! Personally, I’m not a fan of conventional education systems. Too much value is placed on achievement, grades, and collective progress. Not enough value is placed on developing strategies and providing tools that will serve kids as they get older. Kids are taught with the intention of passing standardized tests. As a parent, I’m more interested in my children learning to utilize tools, come up with strategies, and work through processes in ways they can apply to any area of their lives. It’s my belief that school should be a place that helps children develop as individuals and supports their development to adapt to the real world. What I see in school is a place where children are generally expected to conform, do things the same way, and are measured by the results.  Continue reading “Waldorf Education”

Cheating, Character, & Consequences

As a parent, I know that the best way to teach my kids is to lead by example. I make sure to keep the line of communication open and have heart to hearts with my girls regularly but it’s what I do that they really remember.

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Continue reading “Cheating, Character, & Consequences”

Social Media & Strangers

Last week I watched a social experiment on YouTube. The host of the video asked several parents for permission to see how they would react to a stranger. The thing is, this wasn’t elementary school kids at a park. They weren’t being lured by candy or balloons. This was teenagers on social media. This first video in particular, focused on girls. A fake account was created with the profile photo of a teenage boy. The video host then talked to the girls for a few days and tried to see if they would meet up with him. One girl met him at a local park only to find her dad was there waiting as well. Another girl, just 12 years old invited him over to her house once she thought her dad was asleep. In a different video, another 12-year-old girl was out playing Pokemon and got into the car of an older man who said he’d help her catch a rare one. Continue reading “Social Media & Strangers”

Fun, Learning & Nostalgia

One thing I remember as a kid was the lengths my mom went through to make learning fun. I have Dyslexia although we didn’t find out until I reached adulthood. One reason I think it went undiscovered for so long was because my mom always found fun ways to help me learn. I didn’t understand concepts in the way most kids in the class did. My mom found games to help me learn concepts so that I didn’t have to memorize answers.

I remember as a very little girl, around 4 she bought this big green box that had some sort of characters on it. Inside the box were puppets, books, and this pencil that I could grip with my whole hand that buzzed and the eraser lit up whenever I got the answers right. That is how I learned how to read. Continue reading “Fun, Learning & Nostalgia”

Cyber Games, Connection & Quality Time

I’m not sharing the actual article because I haven’t been able to determine if it’s legit or not but, I think there’s a very strong message in it for parents whether it’s true or not. There are a few articles circulating about a game being played on the internet by teens. They find out about this game on social media through hashtags and join. The goal of the game is to commit an act a day for 50 days and send a photo to the host as proof. The final act is to commit suicide.

Continue reading “Cyber Games, Connection & Quality Time”

“Stranger Danger”

My daughter made a choice that makes you realize you’re doing the right thing even when it doesn’t always feel that way. We’ve talked with her over the years and made sure that she could identify “stranger danger”. This has been a very tricky topic to teach her. She’s very friendly and social by nature. I didn’t want to take the fizz out of her bubbly personality by not allowing her to be herself (talking to strangers, waving and greeting every person she passes, etc). I also didn’t want to make her fearful by making her think that all strangers were bad and had harmful intentions.
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Yoga, Accountability, & Mantras

My daughter and I get up about half an hour early each day to do yoga before she gets ready for school. I love to start our day off this way. She’s a typical 8-year-old with lots of energy but she also tends to be an overthinker. Continue reading “Yoga, Accountability, & Mantras”

Impact of Parenting

My husband and I were having a conversation the other day about parenting and the role we play in our kids’ lives. We have two girls and I told him that I always looked up to my mom growing up but that I didn’t appreciate her the way I do now until I became a mom myself. I told him how important he is in our girls’ lives. That he’s the standard by which they will measure men. The dynamic of our relationship sets the sense of normal for them.  Continue reading “Impact of Parenting”

Sharing Your Struggle

As a parent, I try to be mindful of what I expose my children to. They’re young and observant. They observe everything whether I want them to or not or I think they’re paying attention or not. One of the things I feel is important to expose them to is my struggles. I’ve grown into a very positive person over the past four years but that doesn’t mean life is smooth sailing. I have bad days, hard times, and unexpected situations. While I want to teach my girls how to look on the bright side, reframe their perspective, and the power of their thoughts, I also want to teach them resilience, strength, and the importance of good decision-making skills.  Continue reading “Sharing Your Struggle”

Village, Encouragement & Support

I’ve recently joined a group of photographers that share my personal goal to take a photo every day. The group I’m in happens to be all women and it’s no coincidence. While we’re in the group to encourage and support each other to complete the challenge of taking photos every day no matter what, it’s turned into more than that. We are uplifting each other when one of us has a bad day, we are encouraging one another in hard times, and we are revealing intimate details about ourselves through our images that are being received with support. Continue reading “Village, Encouragement & Support”