Progress Over Perfection

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I know the illusion of perfection is appealing. The thing is, perfection has a way of holding us back. It can make us feel like we can’t move forward until we’re “ready”. If we wait on being perfect, we’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. Continue reading “Progress Over Perfection”

Who You ARE

This week’s message to get it off to the right start!

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“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” 

-Brené Brown Continue reading “Who You ARE”

A Single Step

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Happy Monday everyone! I love this quote because it’s so true! Whether you’re going through a rough time and need to find a way out or you’re chasing your dreams; both can seem daunting and overwhelming. Continue reading “A Single Step”

Cultivate, Don’t Chase Happiness

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This is my variation of Einstein’s quote “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things.” Continue reading “Cultivate, Don’t Chase Happiness”

The Grind, Seeds, & Patience

This goes out to all of you who need a gentle reminder that results aren’t always instant. In a world of instant gratification, it can be hard to grind every day and not see the results. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The process reminds me of plants. When my daughter was in 1st grade, we did a project where we planted seeds inside ziplock bags and watched them grow. Had we planted them outside, we wouldn’t have been able to see all that was going on! Continue reading “The Grind, Seeds, & Patience”

Dreams That Scare You!

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This year I’ve dedicated myself to dreaming like a child. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t know limitations existed, you didn’t know things weren’t possible, you didn’t get so caught up in the details you got distracted from the dream itself? Continue reading “Dreams That Scare You!”

Acceptance & Authenticity

social media (1).png The more I embrace myself, the less I worry about what others think. Not in the arrogant “I don’t care” kind of way but in the secure “what others think doesn’t bother me” kind of way. Continue reading “Acceptance & Authenticity”

Fear, Double Dutch, & Greatness

niki-meadows-quotesThis is the essence of the motivation I was inspired to share with you today. You see so many times, we have big dreams inside of us; ones we’re brave enough to share and others that we keep to ourselves. I know what it’s like to tell myself I’ll move forward when I’m ready. The problem is, if I use that as my launch date, it might not ever happen. I might not ever be comfortable enough, prepared enough, I could go on for a while with this. Continue reading “Fear, Double Dutch, & Greatness”

Stepping Your Way to Success!

As an entrepreneur, I have to say the road can be tough, especially when you’re starting out. I’m building my second business from the ground up and it takes a lot of time, energy, and consistency. Sometimes it seems like things are going nowhere like I’m giving my all and have nothing to show for it. Looking from the outside in, it very well may seem like there’s not a lot going on. You might just see a room full of ideas, a person full of ambition and passion, and the makings of something big that just hasn’t taken off yet.  Continue reading “Stepping Your Way to Success!”

Consult Your Wise Soul

Today I’d like to encourage you to find the answers you seek by looking within. You have all that you need to move forward. We all need a little help every now and then but don’t underestimate the wisdom that resides within you. ❤ Continue reading “Consult Your Wise Soul”