Discussing Privilege

I love opening up the conversation about things that may be uncomfortable but through the conversations we have can help change our perspective and inspire solutions. I love how the presenter of this talk approaches the subject of privilege and challenges people to use it to help others.  Continue reading “Discussing Privilege”

Caring Enough to Take Action Creates Change


I actually had a completely different topic lined up to talk about today but a series of events prompted me to write about something that has been weighing heavily on my heart lately. While I don’t watch the news, I’m not completely oblivious to the events that happen around the world or unaware of the disconnection. It seems that this disconnection has been calling my attention louder each time. It’s a sense of separation, that somehow instead of us being a community, a unit, a collective made up of individuals impacted by the same things, we’re each little pods. If something happens that doesn’t directly impact one’s pod, it’s like it didn’t happen. Continue reading “Caring Enough to Take Action Creates Change”

Thank Goodness for the Goodness in the World!


Even as someone who hasn’t watched the news regularly in years, I can’t completely escape the constant stream of stories of the vile acts and horrendous things that go on in the world. The thing is, there’s plenty of good people doing good things in the world. If that weren’t the case, the world would be in an even worse state than it is. There are plenty positive things don’t get nearly as much attention. Continue reading “Thank Goodness for the Goodness in the World!”

The Antidote to Hate

As I thought of thought-provoking issues to write about that we can have an impact on changing, I couldn’t help but think about the recent bombing in Manchester. I thought about what could be done to stop such things from happening. It seems like something that can’t be prevented, something that’s beyond our control. I couldn’t help but think that if we all made an effort to be more understanding, more compassionate, and tolerant, things would change. Of course, it wouldn’t happen overnight, but over time surely.

Continue reading “The Antidote to Hate”

Helping the Homeless


Homelessness is something that really puzzles me. As a society, I feel we have a responsibility to take care of one another. The stigma and stereotype around homelessness is detrimental to those living on the streets. It’s caused people to turn a blind eye many times without a second thought. It’s created a view in society that those who are homeless are less deserving of kindness and compassion and have brought it upon themselves. Continue reading “Helping the Homeless”

Modern-Day Slavery

Every time I hear a story of sex trafficking, I’m shocked to my core. I can’t believe the rates at which this occurs. It’s terrifying and heart-wrenching. Thought-provoking Thursday posts are to bring awareness to issues but also to open a platform to engage in conversation that encourages solutions. The reason I’m writing about this topic today is because a story popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. My heart broke for the teenaged girl that told her story. As a mom of two girls, I can’t even begin to imagine what she or her family went through. Continue reading “Modern-Day Slavery”

Feeding Children

On Thursdays, I try to bring awareness to issues we can have an impact on improving. This week my heart went out to kids who depend on school meals to survive. I want to encourage you to contact a local organization that provides kids with packed lunches in your area. There are charities and businesses that come together to send kids home over the weekend with a bag of food so they can eat over the weekend. Continue reading “Feeding Children”

What Would You Change?

This video was shared by a friend on social media and it really spoke to me. Before you watch it, I want you to write down one thing you would change about your body. Continue reading “What Would You Change?”

Educate Our Hearts

I wanted to share this video of an educator that so poignantly shares her experience as a Muslim specifically post 9/11. I believe the more we seek to understand, the more we educate our hearts. Continue reading “Educate Our Hearts”

The Other Side of Immigration

I wasn’t sure what to post for yesterday’s thought-provoking post so I didn’t post at all. I remembered this video I saw on social media and decided to share it with you. I think as a society we are desensitized. We are used to seeing sadness, brokenness, hurt, pain, and suffering on television. So much so, that we forget the things we see in the news are about real people. Immigration is a heated topic and people have very strong opinions about it on both sides. This isn’t a black and white issue and I think the negative aspects get talked about more often than the other side of immigration. The sad thing is, I believe the side that isn’t talked about is the more important and most common part of immigration. Continue reading “The Other Side of Immigration”