13 Reasons Why

Have you seen the new show on Netflix 13 Reasons Why? It’s a must watch in my opinion. It’s about a teenage girl that leaves tapes behind explaining what led to her committing suicide. I think this is one of those shows that parents should watch with their teens. I’d even go as far to say this would be something I’d like to see watched and discussed in health class. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why”

Welcome New Participants!

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome the newest participants who signed up for The Kindness Challenge that begins May 7th. If you haven’t heard of The Kindness Challenge, check out the bottom of the post for details. Continue reading “Welcome New Participants!”

A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal

Last year I participated in the A-Z Challenge and it was the perfect way to help me meet my blogging goal of posting daily. I got to meet a lot of bloggers in the process, discover new blogs to follow, and make some great connections! This year’s theme won’t be too surprising because it’s in line with what I already write about… self-discovery. Last year I prepped and had posts written and scheduled to post at least a week to 10 days ahead of time. This year, all I have is the prompt based on the letter of the alphabet. I haven’t had time to prep as I’ve been working hard on the final stages of getting my book ready to publish, building my business, keeping up the blog, not to mention all that comes with real life 😉  Continue reading “A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal”

Ellen, Holidays & Laughter

I got a good laugh out of this old video my daughter showed me today. We love Ellen, and she knew this quick video would make my day! It’s pretty funny so I thought someone else might get a good laugh in. On a side note, my daughter thinks Ellen’s name is Ellen “The Generous” instead of DeGeneres.  Continue reading “Ellen, Holidays & Laughter”

Light, Authenticity, & Shining

I had a few ideas I was playing with for today’s post but I went in a completely different direction. I was listening to some talks on YouTube as I tended to my home this morning when this India Arie song came on. I don’t know where I’ve been but it’s the first time I heard it and I have to say it resonated with me profoundly! Continue reading “Light, Authenticity, & Shining”

Compassion Trumps Hate

Although I don’t watch the news, there are stories you can’t help but hear about. I’m deeply disturbed by the actions this new administration has taken. Just weeks into his first term, the president has brought the divisive energy from his campaign into office. I’m not surprised but it is disappointing. I can’t understand how people can be banned from entering the country simply based on the country they’re from. Stories are already emerging of the people turned away and detained and the thing is, even legal residents are being denied entry. People with families, jobs, and lives in the States.  Continue reading “Compassion Trumps Hate”

Photo Shoot

Sharing my first photo shoot with you guys! A friend of mine loves the photos I’ve been practicing my skills with on my girls and asked if I could take some of her. I can’t wait to show her! Continue reading “Photo Shoot”

Binge-worthy Shows!

I recently recommended Designated Survivor and The Shooter as my top Netflix picks.At the time an episode a week was released, they are now officially binge-worthy as the whole series is available to watch non-stop! Continue reading “Binge-worthy Shows!”

Creating Powerful Intentions | Niki Meadows


Here are some tips to creating a plan for a successful 2017, whatever success looks like to you. Be sure to follow my business site for more motivational, inspirational, and practical tips. Happy 2017 ❤

With a new year beginning, promises of starting over, fresh, and new are on the minds of many. If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions, there’s no rush! In fact, I’d like to encourage you to take your time. Consider what you want the New Year to bring you. Where do you want to […]

Continue reading “Creating Powerful Intentions | Niki Meadows”

Books & Intentions

I’m reading Lisa Nichols’s “Abundance Now”. It’s really good! My husband and I read a couple of sections of a chapter together at night. We answer the questions from the book aloud and I make a note of the bigger questions. We can’t seem to make it through a whole chapter because there are so many good points to discuss! Continue reading “Books & Intentions”