Love is the Answer

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This week’s song is one I love and hate at the same time. I love the beat, the message, and the awareness. I hate that even 14 years after it was released that its message is as relevant as ever! Continue reading “Love is the Answer”

It’s What I Like!

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

Bruno Mars is honestly one of my favorite artists of my generation! I can appreciate his old school musical influence. He’s an incredible artist- songwriter, singer, choreographer, dancer, a truly talented individual! Continue reading “It’s What I Like!”

My Morning Latin Anthem

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This is a song my daughters and I really love! Every time it comes on the radio we turn it up and start singing! We often start our days off with this song as we get ready in the morning. I particularly love the music video! Dancing in the street, the serenity of the ocean, and the romance of ordinary places. Continue reading “My Morning Latin Anthem”

Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine

A fellow blogger recently put out a call for a guest post as he was going on vacation. As a music lover, I jumped on the chance to help him out. It was my first time connecting with Hugh and I loved his blog right away. Funny enough, I noticed is we’re both Dyslexic. After talking back and forth in a few emails, I also noticed we both value one thing in the blogging experience- engagement! Continue reading “Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine”

Compassion & Imagination

edited DSC_9097.jpg

Children never cease to amaze me! My youngest is two and a half years old and is such an incredible little person! She did something yesterday that surprised me. Behind our home, there’s farming land with a little fish farm we can see from our window. About a year ago, a duck found its way to the fish farm and never left. We didn’t blame him, he had water to swim in stocked with fish to eat, and a cozy place to sleep. The farmer doesn’t like having the duck eat his fish and always tries to get rid of him. The duck learned to identify the sound of the farmer and would hide when he heard him coming. He often goes to a corner where it’s hard to spot him or go chase the chickens away and hide under a tree eating their food.  Continue reading “Compassion & Imagination”

Hump Day Humor

A little hump day humor for you. I dare you not to laugh! 🙂  Continue reading “Hump Day Humor”

13 Reasons Why

Have you seen the new show on Netflix 13 Reasons Why? It’s a must watch in my opinion. It’s about a teenage girl that leaves tapes behind explaining what led to her committing suicide. I think this is one of those shows that parents should watch with their teens. I’d even go as far to say this would be something I’d like to see watched and discussed in health class. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why”

Welcome New Participants!

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome the newest participants who signed up for The Kindness Challenge that begins May 7th. If you haven’t heard of The Kindness Challenge, check out the bottom of the post for details. Continue reading “Welcome New Participants!”

A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal

Last year I participated in the A-Z Challenge and it was the perfect way to help me meet my blogging goal of posting daily. I got to meet a lot of bloggers in the process, discover new blogs to follow, and make some great connections! This year’s theme won’t be too surprising because it’s in line with what I already write about… self-discovery. Last year I prepped and had posts written and scheduled to post at least a week to 10 days ahead of time. This year, all I have is the prompt based on the letter of the alphabet. I haven’t had time to prep as I’ve been working hard on the final stages of getting my book ready to publish, building my business, keeping up the blog, not to mention all that comes with real life 😉  Continue reading “A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal”

Ellen, Holidays & Laughter

I got a good laugh out of this old video my daughter showed me today. We love Ellen, and she knew this quick video would make my day! It’s pretty funny so I thought someone else might get a good laugh in. On a side note, my daughter thinks Ellen’s name is Ellen “The Generous” instead of DeGeneres.  Continue reading “Ellen, Holidays & Laughter”