Love is the Answer

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This week’s song is one I love and hate at the same time. I love the beat, the message, and the awareness. I hate that even 14 years after it was released that its message is as relevant as ever! Continue reading “Love is the Answer”

Lifestyle Blogs to Follow!| Travel, Frugal & Admiration


It’s one of my favorite posts of the week! The weekly blog share where I introduce you to bloggers to follow! It makes it easier for you to discover a handful of blogs and connect with bloggers you might not come across otherwise. Enjoy! ❤ Continue reading “Lifestyle Blogs to Follow!| Travel, Frugal & Admiration”

It’s What I Like!

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

Bruno Mars is honestly one of my favorite artists of my generation! I can appreciate his old school musical influence. He’s an incredible artist- songwriter, singer, choreographer, dancer, a truly talented individual! Continue reading “It’s What I Like!”

Adventure, Fatherhood & Faith| Blogs to Follow!

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I hope you’re ready to check out some new blogs because I have 6 new ones for you to discover! Be sure to stop by and show them some love on behalf of our community! ❤  Continue reading “Adventure, Fatherhood & Faith| Blogs to Follow!”

My Morning Latin Anthem

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This is a song my daughters and I really love! Every time it comes on the radio we turn it up and start singing! We often start our days off with this song as we get ready in the morning. I particularly love the music video! Dancing in the street, the serenity of the ocean, and the romance of ordinary places. Continue reading “My Morning Latin Anthem”

Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine

A fellow blogger recently put out a call for a guest post as he was going on vacation. As a music lover, I jumped on the chance to help him out. It was my first time connecting with Hugh and I loved his blog right away. Funny enough, I noticed is we’re both Dyslexic. After talking back and forth in a few emails, I also noticed we both value one thing in the blogging experience- engagement! Continue reading “Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine”

What are you watching on Netflix?

Soulful Sunday (1).png

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Netflix post, so today I’d like to know what everyone is watching? What show can’t you get enough of? What have you watched recently? What are your Netflix must watch shows?

I’ll share my current top 5: Continue reading “What are you watching on Netflix?”

Binge-worthy Shows!

I recently recommended Designated Survivor and The Shooter as my top Netflix picks.At the time an episode a week was released, they are now officially binge-worthy as the whole series is available to watch non-stop! Continue reading “Binge-worthy Shows!”

Top 5!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done a Netflix post. I’ve seen plenty of shows since then and I’m chomping at the bit to share them with you and get suggestions for shows to watch!

Here are my current top 5 recommendations-

Continue reading “Top 5!”

Could Likes Be The Currency of the Future?

I just started watching this show on Netflix that much to my surprise got my wheels spinning. One particular episode was a look into the future and instead of money, the drive, focus, and currency of the society were ratings based on stars. When buying coffee for example you’d rate someone from one to five stars. You’d rate your experience and interaction with that person. It was deeper than a simple like. As the episode unfolded you began to see people uploading photos to their social media for ratings These ratings determined what area they lived in, what house they qualified for, and what status they held. It might seem far fetched but it wouldn’t be the first time life imitated fiction.

Continue reading “Could Likes Be The Currency of the Future?”