A New Way to Think About Yoga

This is a guest post written by Beth over at The Mama Bear Yogini. Thank you, Beth, for collaborating and sharing your first guest post with my community.


When you think of yoga what comes to mind? Probably really flexible people doing all sorts of handstands and other balancing poses. I know that’s what I thought when I first started thinking about yoga. “Well, I’ll get there. That’s what it’s all about right?” That’s what I told myself. “It’s all about learning to do awesome poses that I can upload to Instagram and show off to the world.” Continue reading “A New Way to Think About Yoga”

Who You ARE

This week’s message to get it off to the right start!

WAS (6).png

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” 

-Brené Brown Continue reading “Who You ARE”

Cultivating Joy

Something I was actually surprised about once I overcame my battle with depression was the feeling of joy. It wasn’t something I was familiar with or new how to identify. It made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. I didn’t know how to interpret it and thought it was surely the calm before the storm. Surely something awful was about to happen and I was too distracted to see it coming.  Continue reading “Cultivating Joy”

Boredom Is the Gateway to Creativity

As a kid, I can remember feeling bored a lot. I’d be at home and complain to my mom about it and she’d tell me to go play and send me on my way. I’d protest at first but the result was always the same, she’d go on about her business and send me off to play. We had an upstairs floor in our house with three extra rooms. One of which was a playroom for my brother and I. We would go upstairs and end up playing for hours. If the weather permitted we’d go outside to play instead. What I’ve come to realize is some of the most fun I remember having as a kid, often started with me finding a way to cure boredom. Continue reading “Boredom Is the Gateway to Creativity”

Cultivate, Don’t Chase Happiness

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This is my variation of Einstein’s quote “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things.” Continue reading “Cultivate, Don’t Chase Happiness”