Love is the Answer

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This week’s song is one I love and hate at the same time. I love the beat, the message, and the awareness. I hate that even 14 years after it was released that its message is as relevant as ever! Continue reading “Love is the Answer”

It’s What I Like!

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

Bruno Mars is honestly one of my favorite artists of my generation! I can appreciate his old school musical influence. He’s an incredible artist- songwriter, singer, choreographer, dancer, a truly talented individual! Continue reading “It’s What I Like!”

My Morning Latin Anthem

This post is inspired by a guest post I wrote for Hugh on his series 51 Weeks 51 Songs from the past.

This is a song my daughters and I really love! Every time it comes on the radio we turn it up and start singing! We often start our days off with this song as we get ready in the morning. I particularly love the music video! Dancing in the street, the serenity of the ocean, and the romance of ordinary places. Continue reading “My Morning Latin Anthem”

Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine

A fellow blogger recently put out a call for a guest post as he was going on vacation. As a music lover, I jumped on the chance to help him out. It was my first time connecting with Hugh and I loved his blog right away. Funny enough, I noticed is we’re both Dyslexic. After talking back and forth in a few emails, I also noticed we both value one thing in the blogging experience- engagement! Continue reading “Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine”

I Knew Before It Went Viral

I often joke about always being the last to find out about things, especially things that go viral. I usually catch them after they’ve made the fourth or fifth round on social media. Sometimes I don’t even find out about them until the sensation is long gone. There’s one thing that went viral that I knew about before it happened.

Continue reading “I Knew Before It Went Viral”

REBLOG Share a Post|HarsH ReaLiTy

Jason has opened his platform for you to share a post. Dig through your archives and share something old, something new, something viral or something few (have seen) 😉 Happy Friday!

Continue reading “REBLOG Share a Post|HarsH ReaLiTy”

Meet & Greet!|Mallorca

We have been to so many countries on our around the world meet and greet adventure! Today we stop in Mallorca one of the beautiful Balearic Islands. I hope you brought plenty of sunscreen!

Join the meet and greet by clicking the photo below!


Soulful Sunday|Music That Speaks To My Soul

I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it, it speaks directly to my soul. It has so many meanings to me.

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Meet & Greet Continues!

If you haven’t joined us for our meet and greet adventure be sure to stop by, you don’t want to miss out on this! If you’re joining us, stop by for drinks, games, dinner and entertainment! We’ve been having such a great time sailing around the world! Join us by clicking the photo below! Spread the word!

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Meet & Greet|Around the World-Greece

This has been quite the meet and greet adventure around the World! Bloggers have come from all over the world to met with us and join us on our yacht as we make our way around the world! We’ve been to islands and explored destinations rich in history. Today our adventure continues in an island full of history!

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