Knowing, Listening & Meditating

For those of you who don’t know what the A-Z Challenge is, it’s a blog challenge to post your way through the alphabet a letter a day through the month of April. I got a little behind on the challenge at the end of last week. I missed posting for letters K-M. I figured the best way to catch up was to combine the 3 posts I missed into one. Funny enough these three letters had words that went together perfectly!  Continue reading “Knowing, Listening & Meditating”

Beta Reader Book Review

I’m so humbled to have my first book review published by one of my beta readers. Thank you so much, Lauren, for your honest feedback. ❤

In ‘Wage War on your Mind and Fight for your Life’ Niki shares the process that she used to overcome her depression. It’s full of personal stories, hints and tips for self care, ways to lift your spirits and questions to help you get there. Niki is a fantastic and personal author. She is honest about the doubts she faced when writing this book. She is open that she wrestled with writing this book – I am glad that she did! Right at the beginning Niki tells you to put the book down if it’s not the right time for you. I love that she cares about you more than sales of her book!

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Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear

If you know me, you know that I am always feeding my mind and soul. One of the ways I do so is by reading or watching talks. It’s easy to press play on a Youtube video to listen to as I go about my day. One thing that caught my attention was a talk I watched where a photographer named Sue Bryce was discussing fear. Continue reading “Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear”

#Momlife Monday|Cultivating Young Readers

This week’s #momlife post was requested by Tikeetha. She asked for tips on getting your child to read even when they don’t want to.

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